From 1729 to 2013

A historic house

The Chêne Doré Inn appears in a 1729 document. The whole belonged to Mister Ollivier who lived in Le Mans. The property was gradually transformed. The 1831 cadastral plan shows a decrease in the parcels that were transferred to other owners. Buildings have disappeared, especially the stables.

In 1880, the part bordering the street was rebuilt, it’s the guest house today. This house was occupied by a bailiff. The plaque of the office can still be seen on postcards from the early 20th century.

From 2013 to today

A cottage full of charm

It is in 2013 that the cottage became guest house was opened. The house welcomed many visitors from France and around the world: Korean, Canadian, American, Tunisian, Israeli, Irish, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Belgian, Slovenian, Dutch…